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Ready to navigate through the muddy waters of P3

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Woohoo! I am down 21.4 lbs since I started. This means I get to pick out something pretty from a jewelry store or a purse store. Several factors for this:
1. Started walking on the treadmill (very low speed) daily to help my metabolism
2. I am working more on the weekends where I stand on my feet for 8 hours
3. Cutting out melba toast and fruit.

I only have 2 more days until my last dose and like many bloggers here I have mixed feelings about P3. I am scared that I'm just going to go crazy! and eat everything in sight, like eating 5 sticks of butter literally, or I will not eat enough which will cause me to gain weight. I guess my goal for the next round is to avoid a Steak Day-- which I know is unrealistic but the thought of not having to eat all day freaks me out! So to my fellow P3-ers out there I have a few concerns:

1. Is mayo okay?
2. I love love love me some chicken wings and my fave is buffalo wild wings garlic parm -- do you guys think this is okay for P3 or should I avoid?
3. Any salad dressings? or condiments? (i.e. balsamic vinegar. ketchup?)
4. Did you guys mix your veggies on P3 Day 1?

Thanks in advance. Have a blessed Sunday everybody. Much love and support.

2/1/13 LOAD DAY 1 186.2 lbs
2/2/13 LOAD DAY 2 187.8 lbs

2/3/13 VLCD DAY 1 187.2 lbs
2/4/13 VLCD DAY 2 185.2 lbs (2 lb loss)
2/5/13 VLCD DAY 3 182.8 lbs (2.4 lb loss)
2/6/13 VLCD DAY 4 181.8 lbs (1 lb loss)
2/7/13 VLCD DAY 5 181.2 lbs (0.6 lb loss)
2/8/13 VLCD DAY 6 180.4 lbs (0.8 lb loss)
2/9/13 VLCD DAY 7 179.2 lbs (1.2 lb loss)
2/10/13 VLCD DAY 8 179.4 lbs (0.2 lb gain)


2/11/13 VLCD DAY 9 178.8 lbs (0.6 lb loss)
2/12/13 VLCD DAY 10 178.2 lbs (0.6 lb loss)
2/13/13 VLCD DAY 11 177.4 lbs (0.8 lb loss)
2/14/13 VLCD DAY 12 177.8 lbs (0.4 lb gain)
2/15/13 VLCD DAY 13 176.6 lbs (1.2 lb loss)
2/16/13 VLCD DAY 14 175.6 lbs (1 lb loss)
2/17/13 VLCD DAY 15 174.8 lbs (0.8 lb loss)


2/18/13 VLCD DAY 16 174 lbs (0.8 lb loss)
2/19/13 VLCD DAY 17 173.8 lbs (0.2 lb loss)
2/20/13 VLCD DAY 18 174.4 lbs (0.6 lb gain) --- HALFWAY POINT -- ALSO TOM. (not worried about it)
2/21/13 VLCD DAY 19 173.2 lbs (1.2 lb loss)
2/22/13 VLCD DAY 20 172.4 lbs (0.8 lb loss)
2/23/13 VLCD DAY 21 171.0 lbs (1.4 lb loss)
2/24/13 VLCD DAY 22 170.6 lbs (0.6 lb loss)


2/25/13 VLCD DAY 23 170.0 lbs (0.6 lb loss)
2/26/13 VLCD DAY 24 169.8 lbs (0.2 lb loss)
2/27/13 VLCD DAY 25 169.8 lbs (0 loss)
2/28/13 VLCD DAY 26 169.0 lbs (0.8 lb loss)
3/1/13 VLCD DAY 27 168.8 lbs (0.2 lb loss)
3/2/13 VLCD DAY 28 168.4 lbs (0.4 lb loss)
3/3/13 VLCD DAY 29 168.0 lbs (0.4 lb loss)


3/4/13 VLCD DAY 30 168.2 lbs (0.2 lb gain)
3/5/13 VLCD DAY 31 167.6 lbs (0.6 lb loss)
3/6/13 VLCD DAY 32 166.8 lbs (0.8 lb loss)
3/7/13 VLCD DAY 33 166.6 lbs (0.2 lb loss)
3/8/13 VLCD DAY 34 166.2 lbs (0.4 lb loss)
3/9/13 VLCD DAY 35 166.0 lbs (0.2 lb loss)
3/10/13 VLCD DAY 36 164.8 lbs (1.2 lb loss)


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  1. Rabo's Avatar
    Awesome results! Congrats to you!

    Mayo is ok but so many have sugar so you may want to make your own. Same with ketchup. Gotta read the label on everything. I looked at a can of wasabi almonds yesterday. Lots of sugars and wheat in the ingredients list. Whodathunk.

    I didn't mix my veggies but not necessarily on purpose. I'm doing what is suggested and slowly introducing a new food item each day (well, starting today and I'm on day 2 of phase 3).

    The chicken wings sound good, but the addition of hot sauce and parm in one day makes me nervous, but I'm terrified right now so probably not the best advice giver!
  2. pookster's Avatar
    Yee ha! Way to go girl.. you will prob drop a bit more for some wiggle room....I use hot sauce all the time...used it in P2....BUT - i used one with only 65mgs of sodium per tsp..and diluted it with vinegar and fresh garlic...yummy dipping for wings.. So go for it! Just note the sodium in your parmesan... I used renees gourmet blue cheese dressing ( no sugar) that I can find on it.

    I had planned to make my own mayo and ketchup..but never did because I am not even using it...just enjoying more protein and veggies w/butter and FAT!!! get some coconut oil and organic butter and fry your wings in one of them..also try some BP coffee..dont be afraid to eat!
  3. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Oh FP, you are going to do GREAT!!! All positive thoughts! Mind over matter, girl! I can tell by talking to you that you are too self aware and disciplined to go *eating everything in sight*. I'm not going to lie, going from P2 to P3 is a bit scary at first, but just keep listening to yourself and making great choices and you are going to ROCK p3. And then before you know it?! You won't even be thinking about it because you will be too busy enjoying life! Don't flood your mind with negative thoughts about P3. Don't even be thinking of having to do correction days yet...I haven't had to do one yet and I only have 1 more week of P3 to go....it's not unrealistic at all!!! Think positively and go buy yourself a hot new purse to go with the hot new you! <3
  4. thefoodpassionista's Avatar
    Rabo - Thanks for the advice. I look forward to reading more blogs from you specially since the timing of our diet is so close to each other

    pooks - Isin't it awful to think that what I am looking forward to the most is our second round of loading days. lol. ice cream here I come.

    Shelli - Thanks for the encouragement! Big hugs! Maybe one day I can force myself to one of those VS bikinis too!

    Willa - Thanks for the coffee fix. Let me know how you like it
  5. pookster's Avatar
    TFP- I am dying for some rice.. like seriously...and some pad thai chicken...and some spring rolls...and cantonese chow mien and and and..lol
  6. Rabo's Avatar
    TFP, I'm considering a second round to get the last 5 plus pounds off, but mostly because I'm fantasizing about loading. Cheesecake. At least one Gordough's donut (just because I've not tried them before). Peanut butter and apples (I really can't have peanut butter in my house as I can't control myself).

    I ate an entire jar of peanut butter during my load days. It was heaven. I've been dreaming about loading for weeks.

    I made the mistake of watching Man vs. Food and I'm pretty sure I could beat him at his own game!

    I love food.
  7. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by thefoodpassionista
    Shelli - Thanks for the encouragement! Big hugs! Maybe one day I can force myself to one of those VS bikinis too!
    Always girl, Always! I'm always here behind the scenes rooting for you and love to hear about your journey!!! Big hugs right back atcha!!

    Not MAYBE and NOT FORCE....you WILL have one of those VS suits in your hottie patottie wardrobe arsenal and you will be smokin' hot too!!! You're such a beautiful woman, FP!!! Don't EVER stop knowing that!!

  8. Ready to be thin's Avatar
    You did great in P2 and will in P3. I mix veggies, I have used low sugar ketchup w no issues, but had a small qty. I make my own salad dressing using a mix of balsamic and ac vinegars and olive oil and a little mustard Make your wings from scratch and u should be fine.