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Sugar Cookie Princess Learns about control

R2/P2 day: Endless

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Weight: 174.4

I have decided to come back and participate instead of hiding. In my solitude and isolation I have been a very, very bad girl. ,

I haven't gone more than 6lbs up or down since I started this over a month ago. Well, I have correct myself..I have lost 15lbs from when I started just at this point I keep going up and down by 6lbs.

I thought well..might as start documenting again and see how that goes for the next few months.

I am just doing a super long round until I am done or lost 35 lbs total.

So here is the boring eating log:

B: 1 large apple, 2 cheese sticks (low fat)

L: mix of 96/4 lean ground meat,kelp,tomatoes, sweet potatoe

D: same as lunch, and two fingers worth of ff cheddar cheese

~The night is still young, I may have some popcorn but, I don't know yet..just depends..but, no sugar today so Yay!!

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