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Sugar Cookie Princess Learns about control

R2 P2 VLCD 6 ~ Trying new food = zero losses

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No losses today I have several reasons as to why:

1. I have lost about 15 lbs in 6 days
2. I tried shrimp for the first time in P2 in either round
3. I ate a can of tuna close to before bed
4. I ate under 500 calories and minimal fats

It could be from any of those reasons I am guessing that #1 is the most likely of the three and the other three are just supporting this pause in weight loss.

Honestly, this round I am not starving like last time so I have to force food down etc etc..

So, todays plan is to make sure I eat 500 calories minimum, and have "enough" natural fats in there from foods i.e. whole eggs. Also keeping it mostly protein until I get to a certain scale number then will just sail for the next 40 days or so.

In other news at the moment: I had some hair loss today in the shower, trying not to freak out. I take a crap load of supplements so that isn't it..I think I just have to ride it out until I am done with hcg..ah well.

In other, other news: Not to sound too judgey but, some of these people on this board sound like drones and robots. Here is my reasoning, they have yet to do any research about food, or the current trends on food, how our body operates with said foods and the current science discoveries about how our bodies work and yet they parrot what Dr. S says as if he is Moses (which he is not). I DO agree however for the information that he had access to at the point in time that he wrote P&I he knew his ****. Unfortunately, even he states at the beginning of his manuscript that he is not the begin all and end all of the discoveries of HCG and obesity. He even ENCOURAGES those that wish to discover MORE about the in's and out's of this tool to lose weight.

Which, brings me to my point: experimenting on yourself during your journey of HCG SHOULD be encouraged overall..simply because, everyone is built similar and yet different. I know for me personally, that eating a bit higher fat helps my body, and keeping my carbs moderate to low, I know that eating MORE protein works well for me. Thus, by encouraging experimenting it opens the gates for a broader range of understanding with what works for the diet.

Food, weight, diets are all so complicated when you start getting into how different people respond and react to it. I find that this whole issue with staying on protocol and stabilizing still needs alot of research and studies done. I think stabilizing has alot more to with the mind/body connection than whether you ate FF greek yogurt during P2 and assuming that that is WHY you didn't stabilize in P3. I feel that the BETTER answer to all of this is, is that a person didn't stabilize in P3 is because, their body/mind connection is fractured and disorganized. They aren't mentally ready for all the weight loss and the new body so they just go back to their previous size because its comfy there etc.

What I find interesting is that the biggest thing you learn about in P2 is what your body does and doesn't like as far as different foods. By experimenting with different foods you can gauge whether you're body is able to handle lets say dairy or wheat or certain veggies/fruits/meats. By learning these things you are gaining freedom by knowledge. Which brings me to my next point: Experimenting within the boundaries of the diet in P2 and allowing your body to have access to a wide range of foods on HCG so that when you move into P3 you can handle ALL the foods you ate in P2 and then some.

Example: I had two massive cheats in my last round; in P3/P4 (I know that I am not allowed to eat gluten, Dr.'s orders) I stabilized fine, and I could eat dairy, eggs, and alcohol without any problems. Did those cheats allow my body to accept those foods later on cause, the foods that I cheated with are the ones that I can eat with no problem in P3?...I think so. From what I have read on the forum with each round that people stay on strict protocol when they hit P3 they can't eat anything that they could in the previous round. Why is this? I want to know the exact answer for this..was it because, they didn't experiment in P2 enough? They didn't add enough variety in their diet so that the body while on HCG can only handle a handful of foods without gaining a bunch of water weight after HCG?

We don't know.

Unfortuantely, Dr. S is dead now and he doesn't have a voice. But, we do. The ones that do the diet, the ones that are experimenting with it. In the future it is our experiences that can allow the diet to move forward in time by updating the information within the boundaries of the diet. We don't need to reinvent the wheel in this, just make it look and operate better in the long run. There is too much great scientific information that can enhance the diet in the long run.

So. What am I going to do? Keep a detailed food log in sparks, keep noting my weight each day and playing with different foods each week to see what happens. I am also intentionally planning 2 normal food cheats in the next 2 months to see what happens. I already know that it is going to stall me, but, I am looking at the bigger picture here: "The foods I cheat with, will I stabilize with them in P3?"

Really. This all probably doesn't matter, cause the FDA is going to pull all HCG out of the consumers hands unless you are filthy rich, so my little records and blogs on this diet forum will just disappear into cyberspace..but, hey! At least I am experimenting with this and seeing where it goes..even just for ****s and giggles.

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