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  1. VLCD6; Boobs!

    Since my last entry, VLCD2, I have lost 2.7kg (or 5.95lbs if you're that way inclined.) Very happy with that loss, and also just to be in the 95kg range! It does seem much more managable when broken down to 5kg targets. Granted that means at least 8 little targets but that's simply irrelevant. I really just have to look at this the easiest and best way for me. There's really no point in viewing it in any other way that what motivates me!

    I did measurements yesterday and they were ...
  2. VLCD 2, water water water water

    I'm loving my water today, which is handy because the more the merrier. I woke this morning a bit scared to jump on the scale. I was so sure the scale wasn't going to move down for me, that I was an exception. But thankfully I was wrong. I dropped 1.4kg overnight, which was quite lovely. I know that this week is where the biggest losses are going to be, so I'm hoping for a big week, loss wise.

    I was feeling quite sick this morning, much like a few times yesterday. As I don't have ...
  3. VLCD Day 1; tired as!

    I had one of the worst sleeps ever last night. I believe it was a combination of bad food from loading, anticipation of starting this diet today (with heaps of left over Loading food in the house...), worry about issues with my TOM and a massive thunder storm in the middle of the night. But I woke determined to get this diet under go!

    Weight this morning was 99.3kg, so down 200g from yesterday which is interesting.

    For breakfast I had two pots of weak green tea and ...
  4. Loading Day 2, the beginning.

    I loaded yesterday and today. I was hoping to go for healthier fats (I say as I'm munching on a bag of Burger Rings...) but alas that was harder to do than I thought. It has been a mix of pizza, KFC, donuts, chocolate, cashews, garlic bread. UGH!

    Prior to starting HCG I had lost 5kg over 6ish weeks through a 1200 cal diet and exercise (cardio, pilates, weights etc.) which I was so happy with. But I managed to fracture a small bone in my wrist and that really put me off exercising. ...