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Loading Day 2, the beginning.

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I loaded yesterday and today. I was hoping to go for healthier fats (I say as I'm munching on a bag of Burger Rings...) but alas that was harder to do than I thought. It has been a mix of pizza, KFC, donuts, chocolate, cashews, garlic bread. UGH!

Prior to starting HCG I had lost 5kg over 6ish weeks through a 1200 cal diet and exercise (cardio, pilates, weights etc.) which I was so happy with. But I managed to fracture a small bone in my wrist and that really put me off exercising.

So here's my newest journey.

I'm too young to be the weight I am. I'm 24, I've been married for 4 years and desparetely want to start having kids. But with my current weight/BMI it's not advisable. And while I haven't gone to get checked out, I'm 95% sure my weight has caused fertility issues. When I do get pregnant I want it to be obvious that I'm pregnant and not just fat!! LOL!! I want to see a baby bump early on, where, right now, I'm sure it wouldn't be noticeable until 8 months or so!!

Enough of the self pitty and crying now! I've made my decision, and these will be the last days I'm ever this heavy.

My current details:
Height: 158cm
Weight: 99.5kg (highest ever is 102kg)
BMI: 39.9
Bust: 125.5cm
Chest: 101cm
Waist: 110cm
Hips: 126cm
Midway: 134.5cm
Thighs ea: 70.5cm
Knees ea: 48.5cm
Calves ea: 46cm
Upper Arms ea: 40.5cm
Fore Arms ea: 28.5cm
Total: 1065cm
Bra size: 18E
T-shirt Size: 18
Pant/Skirt Size: 18/20

Goal weight: 62kg
Goal BMI: 24.8

I'm really grateful for this site and all the people. Already there is so much support and SO much information it's amazing. The only other people who know about me going onto HCG is my husband and my best friend. My BF keeps in touch almost every day (usually 10+ txts a day ) as we live a few states apart, and she is SO encouraging and motivating! Love her to bits!

I'm starting with a synthetic HCG, which has had some shocking reviews however I bought it before I found this forum (doh!) so I'm just using it in the interim until I recieved some hhcg I ordered from Biovea. I'm going to swap straight over without reloading, as I figure I've got enough weight to lose it really shouldn't make a difference.

I'm really hoping to track my days on this blog, I think it is a fantastic addition to the forums as I'm not going to be irritating people on the forums with every complaint and triumph over the next... who knows how many months!

Mia xx

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  1. Laurarosee's Avatar
    Good Luck!!!!! You sound motivated and you will do great. I started with what I think was synthetic hcg too. I used Bodyshapers "real" hcg drops, as they advertise them as real hcg. I did really well with them. But I changed too.
  2. TheRealMe87's Avatar
    Thanks heaps Laurarosee! Did you stay on the synthetic ones for long? Or did you change mid round? I really think this diet is all about having the right and strong motivation. If it weren't for trying to get pregnant I probably wouldn't be doing this right now. Love it!