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VLCD 2, water water water water

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I'm loving my water today, which is handy because the more the merrier. I woke this morning a bit scared to jump on the scale. I was so sure the scale wasn't going to move down for me, that I was an exception. But thankfully I was wrong. I dropped 1.4kg overnight, which was quite lovely. I know that this week is where the biggest losses are going to be, so I'm hoping for a big week, loss wise.

I was feeling quite sick this morning, much like a few times yesterday. As I don't have food to aid settling my stomach, water and green tea it was! It's 12.56pm and so far I've had 1.5L water and about 1.5L weak tea. But I am really only drinking to aid this sick feeling, and when I feel like drinking/eating, which is great because it means I'm drinking heaps without having to push myself.

This morning I decided to create a motivational collage of clothes and accessories I want to be able to wear/use when I hit my goal weight/size.

Motivation copy.jpg

I had no idea what size clothing I would be looking for so had to do some research into sizing and weight. Currently with my measurments (listed in my first blog entry) put me in sizes 24 for tops and 22 for bottoms (AUS sizing.) Except in 'big/plus' sizes, there I'm 18/20.

I was abit horrified at the normal sizing, but hey, that's why I'm here right? So by the time I get to my goal weight, I'm hoping to be in a size 12 (AUS) top and bottoms. It's hard for me to contemplate that seeing as I don't remember ever being a size 12. I remember being a size 14 briefly in highschool, but I was soon up to 16 and have been at 18 for the last 6/7 years I believe. I remember being a D cup fairly early on, DD for most of my bra wearing life, and now E for the last 4 or so years. So I'm esitmating a bra size of approx 12D at the end of the day. I believe my sister, even when she was at sizes 6/8 had a C cup, and would be higher. It really does run in our family.

FYI cup of cabbage with chicken for lunch. Golly gosh that was yummy! The cabbage was incredibly sweet and with loads of mexican chilli powder on the chicken, the contrast was very satisfying.

Well I've a docs appointment this afternoon for an xray referral on my wrist. Hopefully I find out once and for all if my wrist is broken! As crazy as it is, I do hope it is as it's painful enough to be and I still can't do alot of things without pain, like turning taps, door handles, writing or holding anything with much weight.

Ah well time shall tell.


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  1. jesicanoel's Avatar
    I LOVE the collage idea! What a great way to stay motivated. And can I say too i really enjoyed your enthusiasm here - you are just happy to be here today - and my diet attitude is much less positive - I get downright pissy - so Im gonna try to be more like you in that regard.
  2. TheRealMe87's Avatar
    Thanks jesicanoel! It really is. I've never liked shopping, because it's humiliating for me. So that's something completely new for me to be looking forward to, and something real to work towards rather than just a number on the scales. I think because I know my journey is going to be a long one, I really had to prepare mentally for this which contributes to the enthusiasm. I appreciate you saying so tho