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VLCD Day 1; tired as!

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I had one of the worst sleeps ever last night. I believe it was a combination of bad food from loading, anticipation of starting this diet today (with heaps of left over Loading food in the house...), worry about issues with my TOM and a massive thunder storm in the middle of the night. But I woke determined to get this diet under go!

Weight this morning was 99.3kg, so down 200g from yesterday which is interesting.

For breakfast I had two pots of weak green tea and about a litre of water. From about 8am I was counting down to lunch, haha. But come lunch time I remember the kitchen was a mess and I hadn't yet portioned the beef and chicken I'd bought on Sunday.

So I'm finally sitting down to lunch at 1.45pm. Lunch consists of 100g chicken and 200g cucumber dry fried with quite a bit of Mexican Chilli Powder. I really don't like cucumber, mainly for the texture so I wanted to change everything about it. It's not too bad really, I'm just making sure I have a small piece of chicken between two mouthfuls of cucumber, haha! Hopefully I've attached a pic of my lunch, just for funsies .


Dinner I think will be 100g chicken and 27g of spinach prepared in pretty much the same way as lunch I'd say. That leaves me about 115 calories to have apples, oranges or grissini sticks. Not sure yet where I'll go with that, just going to see how I feel throughout the day.

I've no idea how people can manage to get 2 apples and 2 grissini as well as the protein they need! Maybe it's having fish... I will have to have a look into getting some fresh fish from somewhere.

Oh and I've been watching Man V's Food all morning. I think the pure grossness of the food or the sheer quantity of food makes watching it easier when I'm dieting. It's like watching Super Size Me to put me off fast food. I just have to make myself disgusted at what I'm seeing. A bit of brainwashing never hurt anyone, right?


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  1. cynm's Avatar
    Good luck today!!! I am sooo excited for you...I am not able to start yet..I never thought of frying cucumber - u must be from the south too cause we fry everything down here
  2. TheRealMe87's Avatar
    Hey Cynm, thanks for that, I'm pretty excited too. Gotta keep my eye on the prize! My reason behind frying cucumber was to really warm it up (as it's quite cold here) and yeah to change the texture. It was dried fried, so no oil or anything. I did it again today with chicken and cabbage, just to warm the cabbage up. I'm in Rural NSW Aus, tho from WA Aus originally, is that the south you were thinking? Or a US south?
  3. cynm's Avatar
    guess that is pretty southern but no i was thinking usa south cause im in memphis tn
    yeah i love some sauteed cabbage course i love it lightly tossed in olive oil but thats a no no here