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VLCD6; Boobs!

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Since my last entry, VLCD2, I have lost 2.7kg (or 5.95lbs if you're that way inclined.) Very happy with that loss, and also just to be in the 95kg range! It does seem much more managable when broken down to 5kg targets. Granted that means at least 8 little targets but that's simply irrelevant. I really just have to look at this the easiest and best way for me. There's really no point in viewing it in any other way that what motivates me!

I did measurements yesterday and they were a mixed bag of results. Granted it was only VLCD5 at the time, but I will be trying to remeasure every 2-3 days just to keep an eye on things. So from these measurements I was down about 2.5cm (1") around my chest (not bust) and about 5.5cm (2.16") around my waist. Any result is great really I did actually notice today that a bra I've worn many a time before fits me much better now. Previously I could wear it for a few minutes before I would... overflow so to speak. So I was constantly "scooping the droop" (a favourite phrase of my family's). TODAY I've worn it all day and maybe had to adjust twice! YAY! I'd say there's a fair chance that I was a higher cup than the E I thought, but I've been in denile about size in general that I refused to try any larger.

The other side of the measurments were a couple higher areas but they were quite minor, about 0.5cm (0.2") so I'm not too concerned just yet.

Something I did notice the other day was that I believe my feet as less fat or swollen or something. I have two pairs of shoes I bought ages ago, which are the right size but I were too tight to wear. Until this week! Yay, they finally fit and look good too. Who thought I'd be celebrating fitting into shoes? Crazy days.

Mia. xx

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  1. Nyisha27's Avatar
    Awesome, keep up the great work!!!!!!!Your right we all have to do whats best for us as individuals!!!!!!!And if it aint broke no need fixing it!!!!!KG lbs who cares as long as they go in the right direction!!!!!!!wahoo on the inches lost!
  2. pinkprincess's Avatar
    I understand about the size thing....I think it is a mental block or something. Regardless of how my clothes felt, I refused to believe I was a bigger size....or if I thought it, I didn't want it confirmed by purchasing a bigger size!