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Round 1 P4 Here I come

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So - P3 sailed by so quickly it was like it never happened.

I bumped up just over a pound the first week and then traveled for the next 2. I came home and was relieved (READ Thrilled) that I was just .2 over my LDW on my 2nd day following travel. Did I fudge on my trip - yes, yes I did. But not horribly. I had a Biscoff on the plane. I ate well all my meals except 1 - sticking to protocol. Had another Biscoff on the way home. They are so wonderful! Did not get nearly enough water in - but gave it as much effort as I could working 10 hour days.

So - with Thanksgiving looming - I have arrived at P4 and am feeling pretty good. I woke up this morning down 1.2 from LDW. I'm ok with that. I have my next round planned and have a plan for the holiday. Do you?

Here is mine.

I am only eating the indulgent things at Thanksgiving that I truly love. I am not going to fill a plate with things I could be fine never having. The protein offerings don't thrill me - not a big turkey or ham fan - but I will have some. I am going to my daughters so I will personally bring a big salad and mockaphony (cheesy cauliflower). My splurge will be some sort of dessert and maybe a roll depending on what is offered.

I don't really care about stuffing or mashed potatoes. Usually eat them "because they are there"; so this year I will simply pass.

I will also pass on wine. I don't love it - so why absorb the sugars?

Do you have a plan for Thanksgiving? I'll let you know how mine works out!

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  1. Leez's Avatar
    What a great report on your successful P3! Congrats!
    My plan for Thanksgiving is eat normally but for dinner to make a ham, some pumpkin pie of some kind, bake some sweet potatoes and some kind of greens. I like cranberries, but might just have a gorgeous pomegranite instead. I'll make some of the family cranberry salad recip and some stuffing for DH though to satisfy his holiday cravings. I really don't miss the traditional gloppy casseroles. I used to want it all and would eat myself into a coma, but anymore, I'm happy just to get to eat good things I like everyday and not be gaining all the time.
  2. Theresa59's Avatar
    Great plan Leez. I am with you. There are a lot of things I am "allowed" to eat in this phase - but it just isn't that important any more. Today is Popcorn Day at work and I used to be at the head of the line to get some; after 9 weeks of not joining in - it isn't on my radar any more. I truly want to get the Christmas and start my load days so I can start losing again!