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  1. Round 1 P4 Here I come

    So - P3 sailed by so quickly it was like it never happened.

    I bumped up just over a pound the first week and then traveled for the next 2. I came home and was relieved (READ Thrilled) that I was just .2 over my LDW on my 2nd day following travel. Did I fudge on my trip - yes, yes I did. But not horribly. I had a Biscoff on the plane. I ate well all my meals except 1 - sticking to protocol. Had another Biscoff on the way home. They are so wonderful! Did not get nearly enough ...
  2. I have a new Best Friend and her name is Tape Measure

    OK so I have done this before. Diet - watch the scale - Lose; stop diet - don't watch the scale - Gain. Rinse, repeat.

    This time I did something different. Instead of depending on the scale I took the advice of every single diet program I have ever seen and took measurements on Day 1 of VLCD and also pictures. The plan is to do this every two weeks. They were both pretty awful. I was not thrilled with either the numbers or the image.

    However, This morning was

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  3. Begin again, Finnegan

    Losing Weight.

    Why do they call it that? When something is lost, it is gone. However - I have lost the same 35-50 lbs at least 4 times in my life. With each of those instances I did not achieve my goals - but would stop whatever program I was using as soon as the compliments started rolling in and I was feeling good about myself.

    I would like this to be the LAST time. At this moment, I am committed and resolved to doing this program for 50 lbs. At the end of that, ...