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Today is my ldw and I am at 149.4 - yahoo! I lost 19.6 this round - was hoping for a little more, but TOM also came today and so my losses for this week were less than I was expecting!!!! Can't do anything about natural life occurances!!!! I struggled more this round with cravings, not real hunger issues, just feeling deprived in a big way! I had several more small cheats this round, which stalled me a couple of times. I did not have to do an apple day this round, so no long stall! So Wednesday morning I can start into p3. P3 was my favorite part of the diet last round, lets hope that stays true for this round!

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Great job, Thomygirl! 19.6 on Round 2 is really good. Did u end up doing a 32/33 day round? I'm on my second round as well, and like have had more trouble, mentally, this round. But I'm feeling more positive. Also like you, I luv P3. So did u have your last dose of hcg this a.m? And you'll be in p3 Wednesday a.m? I always get a little mixed up with that. Keep us posted.