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P3 day 21

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I was up again today. 1.2 pounds so today I was exactly over my LDW 2 pounds. I decided to do a steak day even though I am not over the 2 pound mark. Feeling frustrated as I thought I was stable as p3 went well and now the last 2 official days of p3 have been not so kind to me. Not sure what is happening. I went over to the old site and seems like maybe it is something in the air as others seem to be struggling today as well. Maybe tomorrow we'll all see a big loss! I had to work today and that kept my mind off not eating so that is good. Barbique is lit and steak will be going on soon. Will post what happens tomorrow.

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  1. kbj's Avatar
    Good luck! I had a lite beer tonight for the first time in ages, wonder if that is going to bite me tomorrow...
  2. thomygirl's Avatar
    I BELIEVE!!!!! Steak day worked I am down 3lbs this morn, so now I am 1lb under my LDW.
  3. kbj's Avatar
  4. Canadiangirl's Avatar
    Steak day seems to be a wonderful thing.
  5. kbj's Avatar
    Well, I get to do another one today, as I am 4 lbs over liw. Haven't decided steak or protein day...