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phase 4 day 2

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Today we had pizza for supper and I had 3 pieces and ate just the top and had a bite of the crust. Just too afraid of the bread!!!! I just did not want to cook tonight after work, at first I thought I'd get pizza for hubby and kids, then thought why not I'll eat the toppings as they are my most favorite part anyways, we'll have to see what tomorrow brings from eating the topping. Up 1lb from day 1 so I am at my LDW 163.6. I am starting to understand more on this new forum, but I feel like an idiot having to be walked through every new step of this forum. I went to the old forum and not many are posting there anymore! Glad it is the weekend, my cold is just about gone so I may go on a jog tomorrow.

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  1. Kati's Avatar
    Thomygirl - pizza toppings are so good! I hope the scale is kind to you since you were careful with having the bread!
  2. kbj's Avatar
    Hey thomy, I just started P4 today, and like you I am scared of it! My first foray was just to use milk instead of cream in my coffee. Pizza sounds so yummy, I may just have to make it on the parmesean crust so I can eat the whole thing...kudos to you for resisting most of the crust!