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R1 P3 Day 19

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So today is day 19 of p3 and I lost 1.2 on the scale this morning. This puts me 1lb under my LDW. I am happy with the results of p3. TOM is now over and my weight came back down to a more comfortable spot. P4 starts on Thursday, but I think I will eat p3 for most of the next month or so and just eat p4 for social settings. I will start R2 on October 10th; loading over Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. I will be doing a 33 day round so I can be done p3 before we take a vacation to Florida Dec 14th for 2 weeks.

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  1. kbj's Avatar
    OOOH great idea to eat P3 while in P4, but to ease it up for social situations!