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R2 1st load day

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I was up today so started r2 4.8 over ldw. I had bread yesterday and was worried this would happen. Glutten is my enemy.

Today load day is going well. Eating nuts, small piece of pie, small piece of cake, chicken, ham, salad with dressings, Hagen Daz Icecream - yum, oatmeal with real cream and brown sugar. Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and so I have eaten a few items that I probably would not have included in my loading, but that is okay.

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Hope u had a Happy Thanksgiving. Loading at that time seems like a great idea. I enjoyed loading, though a lot of people act like it was awful. Not sure I loaded properly though. Good luck on your r2How long do u expect to go? I'm going to do another round, but not sure exactly when. Do u do the p4 for 3 weeks? I would kind of like to go rogue, and do p3 for the 3 weeks and then p2 again, but don't know if that's a good idea. Have fun today loading!
  2. thomygirl's Avatar
    I am planning on doing a 33 day round as I want to be done p3 by Dec 10th as we leave for Florida then. If I am losing well then I may just keep going and be on p3 1st week of vacation. P3 is not so bad to vacation on - good variety to choose from. I did p3 for 3 weeks anf p4 for 30 days. I would have only done the 3 weeks but did not want to miss Thanksgiving so that is why I waited the extra week. I wanted to follow pounds and inches protocol so I did not cycle back to p2 - it was tempting, but I want to reset my body properly. Good luck on your choices Dubbles.