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water melon

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Hi can you eat water melon I was told yes but heard in this forum no i dont know who to believe also i have not lost anything for 3 days the other day i cheated not a lot just 2 mouthful of my husbands takeaway and diped my finger in some chocolate cake would that stop the diet working and do i have to start again from scratch thank you

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  1. Tinkerbell's Avatar
    Thank you so much for your help Im not from holland Im from the UK Holland and Barrettes is a health shop that you can get most supplements from Oxo are beef stock cube yes I do have the drops the information was really telling what you can eat thats what confused me water melon was on the list but reading some blogs they say no water mellon im on day13 been stalled for 5days lost 8lb not a lot when i read some blogs i need to lose about 20lb if it could just get going again thanks again for your help
  2. Tinkerbell's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by julief
    never start over with this diet..just deal with the gain, and go on to another day..Nothing will ruin the diet, but giving up.
    Hi thank you for your help I havent gain Ive stalled dont know how to get it going again its 5th day now
  3. Tinkerbell's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gottago
    Sorry I got confused on the country! Thanks for clearing it up. I have come across a LOT of different lists of "allowed foods," and found it hard to understand what's OK and what isn't. Since Dr. Simeon explained his original protocol, a lot of people prefer to keep strictly to what he allowed and avoid what he didn't. Others go "rogue" and determine what works for them. I think the best advice is to stick to Dr. Simeon's plan until you are seeing an average loss of at least 1/2 pound a day (I have no idea what that is in your weight system--sorry). Then you can experiment with one fruit or vegetable at a time and see what affect it has. If it doesn't seem to adversely affect your losses, then you must be OK with that food.

    When a person stalls for a few days, she needs to look at everything she's doing and eating to see if the reason can be located. From what I've read, it boils down to these things: 1) eating off protocol (eating foods not allowed, eating too much of allowed foods); 2) not eliminating (if your bowels aren't moving properly, the waste matter and its bulk/weight are still inside you. You may need to take steps to ensure you eliminate, as in digestive aids or non-addictive stimulants or enemas); 3) putting oils on your skin (through makeup, lotions, or doing greasy dishes without gloves); 4) having the wrong dosage of hcg (if you're dealing with hunger, your hcg dosage is off). You can research more about all of these issues on the forum.

    I hope you can get the problem solved and enjoy the losing!
    Thank you so much for your help many thanks