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week 7

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2/12 vlcd-40
2/13 vlcd-41 FFF,VB
2/14 vlcd-42 VB lost 1
2/15 vlcd-43 lost 1
2/16 vlcd-44 lost .8
2/17 vlcd-45 conference
2/18 vlcd-46 8.2 from goal .4 lost

I think I keep forgetting to post my weight and its getting tedious so I will post how much I loose by counting down to goal

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  1. CBS's Avatar
    That is a great way of keeping track. I think I will add that to mine. Thanks and good work...you are so close!
  2. jaymie227's Avatar
    Seven weeks is impressive! The longest I have ever been able to do this diet was 6 weeks. Kudos!
  3. Tishri1's Avatar
    CBS thanks good luck to you too

    Jaymie I, still going too ..... almost to goal!