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  1. On with the show!

    Well, I am done with the steroids and ready to get on with the show. I know that it will take a few days to get out of my system but I am still going down (very slowly) but at least it isnt the other way!

    Round 3
    Post Load 132
    VLCD 1 129.4 (-2.6)
    VLCD 2 127.2 (-2.2)
    VLCD 3 125.6 (-1.6)
    VLCD 4 128.6 (+3)
    VLCD 5 128 (0.6)
    VLCD 6 125 (-3)
    VLCD 7 125 (0) Week 1 -7 lbs.
    VLCD 8 125.6 (+0.6)
    VLCD 9 125.6 (0) ...
  2. Quick Update...

    I have had a rough 2 weeks...
    I found out I have a herniated disc and pinched nerve so I have been taking steroids for a week.
    Today is VLCD 22 and I am 123.0. I just did not weigh in over the last week and a half because I did not feel like it. So I am guessing that averages to 3 lbs a week and thats pretty good...
    I have been trying to stay with the protocol but it is very difficult with these meds.
    I have 3 more days on the Prednisone...but fortunately I have managed ...