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  1. So slow...

    I am struggling a bit here. I am losing but very slowly. I have been struggling a bit with my arthritis. I have had to take meds everyday for it and I am sure that is what is causing me to only lose so little. I have to take the meds tho to function so I guess that is more important than the scale to me at this point.

    Having Fage yogurt today for lunch and may have it for dinner as well. I will see when the time comes. I know I can not tolerate a piece of fish or chicken today...blech. ...
  2. Itty bitty loss

    Well Week 2 Hell is over after today. I never, ever have a good 2nd week so I am glad it's done and over.

    I am down a bit more today. Nothing to shout from the rooftops about but that's OK. Finally back under where I was a few days ago. I am a bit worried because there is rain coming and that always messes me up but there is nothing I can do about it. I can feel it in my feet, they are aching really bad so it is inevitable.

    I am down 11.8 lbs in 14 days. I hope ...
  3. Sun Shiny Day

    Hello Friends...
    I didn't blog yesterday because I was up a bit. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was 16 years old...and anytime it rains or the weather drastically changes, it really affects me. And my herniated disc with a ruptured disc on each side doesn't like it either. We had 2 days where it was sunny and gorgeous, 88-89 degrees. Then it dropped to high 40s Thursday night and poured the rain all night and most of the day yesterday. I followed protocol, did nothing ...
  4. Vlcd 11

    Quick lil update...

    Day 11...down 11.6 lbs.

    Had a Dr. appt yesterday for RFs on my regular meds. Then had to take our truck driver (my DF races cars) to the Baltimore airport in 5pm rush hour traffic...didn't get back til almost 9 and was too pooped to blog...

    I am just chugging along. All I had to eat yesterday was a ribeye steak and 1 small chicken tender nekkid...no veggies so I got to get back on it.

    As I said before, week 2 is always ...
  5. Vlcd 9

    Hi all!
    Sorry I wasn't around over the weekend. My DF was OOT and I had a lot of Spring cleaning to do so by the time I sat down in the evenings, my lil dog wanted attention after having been ignored all day so I just played with her and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

    I did have a glass of White Zinfandel on Friday night. It caused me to stall out and the scale didn't move for me for 2 days. Finally was a little bit down today so I am not worried about it. My ...
  6. Vlcd 6

    Still doing well. Down 0.4 today. Total of 10.6 lbs in 6 days. That's about 5 lbs of "virgin" fat as I weighed about 135-136 prior to loading. I am happy that all the weight that comes off now will really count towards my goal now. I have not started my supplements yet. Will decide which ones and begin those on Monday.

    I am still thinking about my goal weight also. I plan on doing at least 30 days. I will be going to my Moms in Tennessee for Mothers Day and want ...
  7. VLCD 5...hit the 10 lb mark...Yay!

    Down 1.2 this am. Was gonna have lean ground beef for dinner but think I will have my tilapia I have left over. I also started my period yesterday, at my age it comes here and there. No regular schedule. So hopefully next week I will lose even more when my friend leaves...

    Round 4

    Post Load 141.4

    VLCD 1 141.4
    VLCD 2 136.4 (-5)
    VLCD 3 134.4 (-2)
    VLCD 4 132.4 (-2)
    VLCD 5 131.2 (-1.2)
  8. VLCD 4...9 lbs down and some Supplement info

    Hey Y'all!
    I am moving along nicely so far...knock on wood. I weighed 132.4 this am which is 9 lbs down since my post load weight of 141.4. Pretty happy bout that but I know it will slow way down from my experience. My first week is always stellar and then my second week, not so much. I am not gonna dwell on that tho because I know that if I do stall out on the second week, it will pick back up the third week.

    So, in my blog yesterday, I mentioned that I was gonna start ...
  9. Keeping my promise to myself....blogging away!

    I have had a good start so far. Although today is only day 3, I am not hungry and my willpower is strong.
    I have been reading a lot of my old info and had forgotten a few things. I am gonna start some supplements in a few days after I pick them up. I will post what I get and when I start taking them. I know there are a few that help with cravings but I will have to research a bit more and make my list.

    Hucog Injections

    Load Day 1 135.6
    Load Day 2 ...
  10. Round 4...Starting out heavier than ever...le sigh...

    Well, here I am doing Round 4. It's actually Round 10 or 11 for me because I had several failed attempts to get back on the wagon.
    Long story short, I was very successful at my first round of HCG back in 2011. I lost 26 lbs and kept it off over a year (doing a short round in May 2011 just to get back in the correct mindset.) Fast forward to last Spring, I herniated a disc and had to do round after round of steroids for the pain. I did a short round of HCG in June and got back down to ...
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