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VLCD 5...hit the 10 lb mark...Yay!

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Down 1.2 this am. Was gonna have lean ground beef for dinner but think I will have my tilapia I have left over. I also started my period yesterday, at my age it comes here and there. No regular schedule. So hopefully next week I will lose even more when my friend leaves...

Round 4

Post Load 141.4

VLCD 1 141.4
VLCD 2 136.4 (-5)
VLCD 3 134.4 (-2)
VLCD 4 132.4 (-2)
VLCD 5 131.2 (-1.2)

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  1. Rabo's Avatar

    I seriously can't get over how quick your weight has dropped. That took me like 4 weeks to do, although I do have a messed up thyroid (or at least it was before hcg!).

  2. Miche's Avatar
    Double WOW... That is exceptional... WTG!
  3. yep yep I can's Avatar
    Awesome!! Love those small goals.. Hope the losses continue.
  4. hellobikini's Avatar
    Congratulations!!!! And.....I am so Jealous!!!

    Those are incredible losses!!! Especially on R-4 and you are not even heavy!!! Good for you!

    How are you doing it???? Please please, tell me what you are eating....or whatever it is that you are doing that is helping you shed the weight so fast!!!

    I really am soooooo interested.....

    Thank you.