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day 4

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the march continues....
i am feeling good... not physically hungry ... but i think mentally... i love food and im missing it...
but its ok for today as i am down 9 lbs from my post load high (and boy it was a 4 lb gain!!)... i can start to feel the change in my waist... skirts are a titch looser and thats a nice feeling.
BF is being very supportive and thats really nice
this weekend we are traveling to SF and im a bit worried about staying compliant while traveling and socializing with friends...
i wonder if there is any advice on the forum....

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  1. Mummyof3's Avatar
    Hi Cori! I'm new here, but just thought I'd throw my two cents in... Stay strong! Don't let traveling or friends throw you off! Don't let yourself down. It's always harder (at least for me) to start over, so imagine how great you will feel about yourself if you stick to protocol! There will always be little obstacles in life, so don't let anyone or anything make an excuse for you. You can do it! If you do have a slip up, forget it and keep on going! Push through! You will do great!
  2. JennMay's Avatar
    Im with you in the energy department. I feel really dizzy, lightheaded and forgetful. I have the memory of Dory on Finding Nemo. LOL! I feel like my body needs carbs for the energy but I won't do it except my beloved Melba Toast at the end of the day. I am with you....My Family and another family are going to Great America to see the lights and rides and they plan to go out to dinner. I'll be packing a snack and dinner and suffer through their meal. WE GOT THIS! STAY STRONG!! I love the quote "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!"