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January 2 - Day 1 VLCD

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Here I am again - loaded over NYE and NYD
today's meal plan
4 oz chicken breast and 3 stalks celery
orange at 4
chicken breast and 1 cup spinach
apple at 8.30 snack with tea
so far its noon and no headaches!… not hungry due to overzealous loading!!!

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  1. tobefit's Avatar
    Day 2 VLCD
    down 1.8 lbs… of course the post load weigh in was almost a record high YIKES….
    yesterday was not too bad… no head aches and i was never hungry until 4 am…. usually if i wake up in the night hungry (rare that it happens) I would have a couple of prunes.. they are zoo sweet and filling…. but I did not and was able to fall asleep again…. this morning i was ok with my coffee and touch of milk and had an apple at 10…. today at lunch it was greens and 4 oz chicken and lots of water
    i feel like i spend so much time in the bathroom peeing…. i wish it was fat dissolving!
    I also always feel cold… so I'm drinking tea
    tonight we have friends over for dinner ….. so it will be a challenge…
    i think my husband is finally on board with supporting this…