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July 15 Day 9 VLCD

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Im back on HCG... and back to this website... how did i stray???
I started July 7 at 167.4 and am now 160.6 with a goal of 145
I am working with a trainer and doing light cardio 3-4 times per week.
I also have to have surgery next week... so that will be another wrinkle... but i held off starting until I had a quiet month... no travel.. no company.. guess what ... it doesnt exist and all those momens just serve as a chance to eat and gain weight it seems. So my goal is to get to 145 get on maintenance and then be really careful and keep my weight here at 145 for the year...
Im 53 and while not fat.. the chubbiness eats at my psyche...
tdays meal... big apple and cup of herbal tea
lunch chicken breast 4 oz... tomato....
dinner will be much the same except maybe spinach...
and I'll have an apple before i go the the gym....

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  1. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Hi there! We started out with the same weight and on the same day! Yaaayyy!!!! We also have the same goal! I saw that back in December you stopped blogging, please continue to blog this round, as it will help you stay accountable for yourself, and help people like me stay motivated and not feel alone in this battle!
    Quiet months NEVER seem to exist, better now when fruits and veggies are fresh than during the holidays when everyone is eating garbage at get togethers!
  2. maggiep's Avatar
    Welcome back to the website and hcg! Good job for sticking with!

    How are your trainer-assisted workouts going in hcg? I'm planning something similar, but am not sure how it will go.