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Day5- vlcd3

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After weighing myself I am a little disappointed. I lost a pound , which is really good, but not like the three I lost yesterday. I'm going to keep plugging along. A lot of people are attacking the diet after watching Dr. Oz...Grrrr...it makes me have doubts....

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Tags: weight loss


  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Doesn't he promote his own weight loss plan? That would make me a little skeptical of his analysis of the hcg from the get go.
  2. justjoan060's Avatar
    A. You lose the fastest in the first week. Overall, most women average .5 -.6 lbs a day. B. You will make your own choices, but I ignore all the "Dr. Oz" type press. Our HUGE diet industry does not want us to lose weight. If word gets out how well this works, they're going to lose a LOT of money! C. I've lost 38 pounds since the beginning of November and I feel great. My cardiologist knows I'm on the diet and my OB-GYN prescribed it for me. D. I hope you continue, and if you do use this website. It has a wealth of information from veterans of the diet, medical professionals, and all kinds of support!! If you have doubts, post some questions on here and at least get more information. Good luck!
  3. tommysgirl74's Avatar
    Dubbles- Yes he does. Joan- I usually don't listen to the "diet industry". A lot of my facebook friends are slamming the diet and that is what caused my doubts. As soon as I got on here, I read some blog posts and I am feeling no doubts again. Thank you both for coming by and commenting today. I really need the support.
  4. Abinco's Avatar
    I wanted to chime in as well. I agree with what everyone has said so far. I lost almost 40 lbs doing two rounds and have never felt better. Not just health but mentally as well. I saw the segment on Dr. Oz and he has his own oppinion. He only agreed with those going to a DR to get the Rx injections and not to do the drops even though he had ONE guest who did it and lost 50 lbs and kept it off. He should have had the equal amount of guest doing both versions. He also did not go into depth about many things about the diet. He did not mention or did the Drs. on there that HCG diet does not get rid of lean muscle mass. They had about 30 people who were patients of the Dr who did the Rx injections and , she charges $800 for 6 weeks. Rediculous. I was much happier with this show then his last one about the HCG as that one was horrible. But, he still did not do it justice. He is a Dr. and that is why he think different. I am into holistic healing and think the opposite.

    Do look around this forum as there is alot of info here that is accurate by those who have done this diet the longest, have more experience and Dr. Oz is not one of them. Don't get discouraged. Where can you lose a lb a week on any diet? Even weigh watcher dieters gain it back. you will gain it back on this diet too if you don't eat right and eat the right amount for you body. Much to learn about dieting and not just about losing it but how to keep it off. Good luck to you and I hope you continue with it, it works!
  5. tommysgirl74's Avatar
    Thank you for your knowledge Abinco I fully researched this diet before I began and felt it was safe enough for me . I mean how safe is it for me to weigh 200 lbs? It has to be less safe than this diet. When I started having doubts I immediately logged on here and feel tons better
  6. justjoan060's Avatar
    Excellent point, tommysgirl!! Not safe to weight 200 lbs either!!