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Day7- vlcd5

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Last night was a mess ! I was already just hanging onto this diet by a thread when I found out my dad is in the hospital. This is his second trip to the hospital in a year and it doesn't look good. It took me by suprise and really threw me for a loop. I cheated ! I ate two bagel bites and a scoop or oreo ice cream. Awful, I know. My weight was -2 lbs today , but I know sometimes it take a day or even two for that weight gain from a cheat to show up

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  1. MamaEaton's Avatar
    I'm so sorry! Hope your father is ok!
    Don't stress about the cheat, it'll work itself out!
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    Yes, it does sometimes, so just be prepared. If it doesn't happen, be thankful. Hope your dad is doing better. Stress is hard on you, I know. Some are more stress eaters than others. I wish I wouldn't want to eat when stressed, I'd never have a weight issue if that were the case. Hang in there.
  3. tnsweetness's Avatar
    So sorry about your Dad. Hope things are better for you soon.