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Day 12

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10/28 - VLCD 1: 179
11/1 - VLCD 11: 167.2 (11.8)
11/2 - VLCD 12: 166.2 (12.8)

Chicken, cabbage, tomatoes stewed- lunch
Large apple - snack
Seasoned grilled chicken - supper

My first week was awesome, now the weight loss is slowing down, however I am still very pleased. I am sure a stall is right around the corner.
I feel great and my clothes are fitting good. So far my only cheats is sugar free gum. Enjoy your evening

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  1. bebifal's Avatar
    I chewed orbits gum throughout, no adverse effect on losses. I find that it helps keep the cravings away. Good job on the losses. I would lovvee to be in the 160s!!