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The ugly 10 pounds gone

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I am traveling so have not weighed on my own scales for the last two morning.
But I have lost 10lbs this first week. The 10lbs I lost I have put on in the last 30ish days. So it was new weight gained and had not really made my body it home. With that said that ugly 10 pounds made me start HCG again. Crazy but that 10 pounds made me feel bad, and my clothes look tight and uncomfortable. Keep in mind I have put on about 30 pounds. The the last 10 seem to effect me the most. Now that it is gone, I feel better, and happier plus I think I am looking good or at least better. So happy to say good bye to that 10 pounds.

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  1. bebifal's Avatar
    Good Job!!!!
  2. ldygeko's Avatar
    Oh man, I know what you mean about that last 10 pounds. Mine came on a little slower than that, probably since teh beginning of September - but that 10 pounds is what put me over into the next size. And since there is no way I'm going to go buy all new work pants and jeans, I'm back on HCG. I had to buy 2 pairs of jeans, tho - I literally had NONE that fit!

    WTG on a killer first week!!!
  3. Ready to be thin's Avatar
    Keep it up Willa, u did it before and u can do it again!