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Written by Leah :

I was reluctant to start the HCG Diet with Hypothyroidism, but prayerfully started my journey in September 2011. For those unfamiliar with HYPOthyroidism, this basically means that my gland is not producing and it is very hard to lose weight, my eyebrow hair and lashes thin out, my voice deepend, my face was always swollen, my sight was extra blurry, changed in my mood and well-being, very tired more than usual, heart issues and the list goes on.

Many are unaware that I have been HYPOthyroid for over two years. I am also severely anemic and have tried every iron supplement and iron-enriched diet you can name. I am a candidate for a blood transfusion, but have not decided to go that route yet. I was also very close to doing Iron IV treatments 3 times a week, but asked God for healing and deliverance without these treatments.

A few months before starting the HCG DIET (sublingual), I stopped taking my Levothyroxine and started a more natural method, using Dessicated Thyroid. My overall state of being improved 100% and I am truly grateful as I do NOT like taking pills.

So, here I am...day 21 of the HCG diet R1P2 and happy to say that I feel better than I have in years. I am on the Natural Thyroid supplement, successfully going through the HCG diet with no side effects, and with the iron-enriched vegetables we are required to eat --- I am sure that my anemia will cure itself. It appears that one ailment leads to others and when you start to improve the main culprit, the others will most likely follow. (in most cases...)

In conclusion of my long, informal "shared reflections", my point is this:


If you are Hypothyroid or know someone that is Hypothyroid and considering a safe, healthy way to improve your well-being and weight management, I can attest that the HCG DIET works and is worth the try and commitment.

- Leah W.

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