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Phase 3 - Not eating well

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This will be my second week in Phase 3. I am not eating well; meaning - I am not very hungry and havent increased my protein much. I am doing the protein shake and exercising now. My metabolism must be much higher.

Anyhow, I am 3 lbs away from my goal weight and pretty much maintaining my Phase 3 weight, although I am losing weight during Phase 3.

HYPOTHYROID and PHASE 3 : Ooops, I havent taken my medicine in over a week. I dont know why. Possibly because it has to be taken a certain way at a certain time and I just couldnt keep track. LOL Grateful to God because I have no real symptoms of my hypothyroid issue.....believing in healing at this point.

Thought I'd just add this info to my journal. Very interested to see what happens with Tony. He will be starting Phase 3 this week and doing well.


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