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Phase 3 reflections and thoughts

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Ok. So it is time to make our FACEBOOK PAGE PUBLIC to friends and family, especially since :

1) It has been 45 days
2) We are in Phase 3
3) Time to start exercising (we didnt exercise during HCG DROPS)
4) We just returned from a wedding and everyone can see some difference in our appearance and health


AS AN UPDATE: I ate more carbs and anything we wanted (basically in moderation) while out of town for our business/family/wedding trip. When Tony and I returned home, we found that we ACTUALLY lost WEIGHT! (ALL PRAISE To GOD)

Therefore, somehow...lol...during PHASE 3, we were NOT trying to, but we lost more weight and feel great! THIS proves the point that EATING HABITS and ROUTINE are so important in PHASE 3. YOU MUST :
1) Increase your protein
2) Weigh yourself daily and monitor inches
3) Start to add a workout
4) Follow the protocol and ask questions
5) Dont starve yourself, but dont over do it

We dont have cravings anymore - we dont desire garbage foods - nor do we like to be inactive or cheat. The HCG DROPS have really helped us. Thought we only took the drops as directed for Phase 1 & 2 (for about 21-30 days)....those few weeks have helped RESET our HYPOTHALAMUS and we are able to manage our healthy (not just weight - but HEALTH) much better than ever before!

AS you already know, I have/had a major thyroid issue that I privately lived with for some time. I quit my meds and had horrible problems with my heart, body and even weight management. HOWEVER, I am grateful for this blessing that has allowed me to recover, be free of things I dont need and gain strength!

IS IT SAFE to USe WHILE HYPOTHYROID AND ANEMIC? YES YES YES! IT HAS HELPED CURE MY ISSUES BECAUSE I WAS FORCED INTO A DIFFERENT EATING HABIT AND LIFESTYLE. ONE problem genereally leads to another, therefore ONE solution may lead to another. My main solution was GOD! He lead us to be able to take control of our health and lives and I am grateful for having my LIFE back...so is TONY!

In conclusion, I would like to thank our support team and friends, as well as those that stop by and read our journals. YOU CAN DO IT. And I leave you with this (for the week of November 13th, 2011) :
JEREMIAH 32:27 "Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?"

~ Leah
11.13.2011 Sunday 7PM AZ TIME

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