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Phase 3 - We welcome you (sigh) :)

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Written by Leah:

Wow, I just realized today was my last day of Phase 2. YAY! Grateful to God for the success I so longed for.

It is not easy losing weight with a thyroid condition, not to mention the cravings you have right before your monthly visitation, but I was able to do this....despite a loooong "stall" and "irregularity", I made it and am down 13 lbs.

I admit, I am using the diet to lose very little weight, but this allowed my metabolism to structure and better management of my thyroid issue as I transitioned from synthetic pills to natural dessicated thyroid.

Now, I can work out without the heart issues, the extra breast fat all over the place while exercising, and I can see my muscles!!! I am thrilled and impressed with this diet and look forward to the rest of my journey.

Tony will be starting Phase 3 this coming week. I am so proud of him as he has lost over 15 lbs and looks more handsome and healthy every day I wake up and see him.

I admit, we were a bit discouraged with the week of "stalling" at our wimpy 15 lbs and 13 lbs loss, but what is wimpy about initial success? God is awesome and always has a suprise waiting for those who have faith, love Him and believe!

Now, let's do this! Time to work out our muscles and work up our metabolism even moreso!

More to come....

- Leah and Tony

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