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R1P2 DAY 19 - "STALL" Week for us

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Who put on the brakes? LOL. Tony is stuck in the lower 250's and I am certainly stuck in the mid 140's. HOWEVER, once my hormones adjust and shed the bloat, I will be back on the move.

Speaking of move, I drank the Magnesium Citrate today and playing the waiting game on the internal move....*sigh*. Week 1, I was great with restroom visits, but Week 3 is "stalls" with weight and constipation. Tony, on the other hand, is always great and regular.

We had food cravings and hunger this week, but got through it with Prayer, ACV, and increasing the protein certain days.

Staying focused and optimistic. Stay tuned!


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  1. This Time I hope's Avatar
    Ah the dreaded stall!!! My lasted 2 weeks. The scale did not go down but my waist line did. Just stick it out knowing your body is doing what it is supposed to be doing, and that scale will in fact start moving again.

    On a side note, it is fascinating y'alls stall occurred at the same time - which just happens to be around the same time mine occurred. So I guess we all do hit stalls at the same time mine occurred in round one ... Interesting.
  2. TonyLeah2000's Avatar
    Thank you very very much for your ENCOURAGEMENT. MUCH NEEDED and appreciate it. Tony was able to lose 1lb, but gained it back the next day. LOL. The Magnesium Nitrate worked well for me yesturday and I was able to see the scale go down 0.8. Hey, anything is a blessing right now. And you are totally right about the waist line. ATLEAST THE INCHES are moving, but it would help to see the scale move down. Thanks again.