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  1. Phase 3 reflections and thoughts

    Ok. So it is time to make our FACEBOOK PAGE PUBLIC to friends and family, especially since :

    1) It has been 45 days
    2) We are in Phase 3
    3) Time to start exercising (we didnt exercise during HCG DROPS)
    4) We just returned from a wedding and everyone can see some difference in our appearance and health


    AS AN UPDATE: I ate more carbs and anything we wanted (basically ...
  2. Phase 3 - Not eating well

    This will be my second week in Phase 3. I am not eating well; meaning - I am not very hungry and havent increased my protein much. I am doing the protein shake and exercising now. My metabolism must be much higher.

    Anyhow, I am 3 lbs away from my goal weight and pretty much maintaining my Phase 3 weight, although I am losing weight during Phase 3.

    HYPOTHYROID and PHASE 3 : Ooops, I havent taken my medicine in over a week. I dont know why. Possibly because it has ...
  3. Magnesium Citrate - a good friend this week (lol)

    Written by Leah:

    I had no problems "moving along internally" that first week of R1P2. It was better than ever. LOL

    However, week 2 and 3 came along, as well as ovulation, and thing didn't just "slow down internally", but came to a screeeching STOP....just like my weight loss in week 3.

    SO, I tried Magnesium Citrate (the liquid) and things were A-OK for the past few days....and I also was BLESSED to lose ALOT of WATER RETENTION (overnight) ...
  4. Phase 3 - We welcome you (sigh) :)

    Written by Leah:

    Wow, I just realized today was my last day of Phase 2. YAY! Grateful to God for the success I so longed for.

    It is not easy losing weight with a thyroid condition, not to mention the cravings you have right before your monthly visitation, but I was able to do this....despite a loooong "stall" and "irregularity", I made it and am down 13 lbs.

    I admit, I am using the diet to lose very little weight, but this allowed ...
  5. MY HYPOTHYROIDism and HCG DIET Journey (WEEK 3)

    Written by Leah :

    I was reluctant to start the HCG Diet with Hypothyroidism, but prayerfully started my journey in September 2011. For those unfamiliar with HYPOthyroidism, this basically means that my gland is not producing and it is very hard to lose weight, my eyebrow hair and lashes thin out, my voice deepend, my face was always swollen, my sight was extra blurry, changed in my mood and well-being, very tired more than usual, heart issues and the list goes on.
  6. R1P2 DAY 19 - "STALL" Week for us

    Who put on the brakes? LOL. Tony is stuck in the lower 250's and I am certainly stuck in the mid 140's. HOWEVER, once my hormones adjust and shed the bloat, I will be back on the move.

    Speaking of move, I drank the Magnesium Citrate today and playing the waiting game on the internal move....*sigh*. Week 1, I was great with restroom visits, but Week 3 is "stalls" with weight and constipation. Tony, on the other hand, is always great and regular.

    We had ...