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Week one

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Hi Folks!


Out here trying my best. Having difficulty with hair products, I think. LOVE my Maui Hair Mask, but it may have cost me some pounds. I am also trying to include a probiotic, vitamin C, and K and Mg as I had pretty bad leg cramps early on. I am also trying to use PUR gum. Since I only lost 0.5 lbs yesterday I am curious WHAT did it. I see that so many people lose a great deal of weight the first week and I am not sure I did as well as they.

I am also having difficulty reaching 500 calories since I am only eating exactly what we are required (minus bread sticks or melba - I am addicted to bread and only one would NEVER happen).

I am also somewhat confused as folks are mixing veggies or not with conviction. Most recipes for P2 mix them somewhat. I am also confused why a tomato is considered a vegetable and not a fruit, since I believe it is a fruit.

So, after checking and googling EVERYTHING I have put in my mouth and on my body, reading this site religiously for information, cues, tips, and ideas; and now putting it all out there, I am learning but frustrated and saddened by the losses of some of my favorite things.

My husband's birthday was yesterday and he ate ALL KINDS OF YUMMY STUFF!! I was so jealous.

Before P1: 163 After P1: 165
R1P2W1: 155

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