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Losing It!

This is my (first ever!) blog to track my progress on the HCG diet I will be starting this weekend on 3/19/2011. I'll be using sublingual drops made more-or-less to a recipe I found on the internet, and will be trying to maintain an exercise program consisting of boxing and running during the same period of time.

Entries will focus on:
i. measurements
ii. comments on energy/mood
iii. issues/questions

Any/all comments, suggestions, questions are very welcome!

  1. Round 2, day 3 - HHCG using JustPotent drops

    After starting and stopping over the last few weeks I'm now starting round 2 .. again. I'm on holiday in Italy right now and I'm finding motivation a bit hard to come by. As of this morning I'm around 90 kg which is more or less the weight I finished round 1 at (~4 months ago). Over the last few months my weight dropped to ~80 kg while I was traveling and doing lots of exercise and has climbed back up since I've been in Italy thanks to all the rich food I've been eating here.

    I must ...

    Updated October 23rd, 2011 at 07:16 AM by TrevorLikely

  2. P4 + 51 days

    Current Weight: 184.6 (on 7/9/11), LIW - 11.6 lb

    We just finished a 14 day survival course in the Utah desert, where we hiked with packs for 4-8 hours a day for 10 days on pretty meager food (this was hard but all the workout I did while on the hcg diet apparently paid off!). On the way back I weighed myself and I seem to have lost around 12 lb over the trip. We're traveling for the next 5 months and I won't have scales for the majority of the time so I've decided to eat whatever ...
    Tags: hiking, traveling
  3. P4 - Day 2

    Total lost on diet to date: 17 kg (~38 lb)
    Increases to set point: 0 kg
    Stabilized in P3: after 6-10 days

    This morning I was LIW - 0.6 lb. In P3 my weight fluctuated horribly in week 1, where I needed 2 steak days to settle things down again, and the addition of digestive enzymes, Mg Citrate, and probiotics to start to feel normal. By 10 days I'd stabilized (mostly), and used a couple of protein days where needed. I now just fluctuate within the 2 lb limit day to day. ...
  4. P2 - Day 14

    At this point I seem to be maintaining my new set point reasonably well .. though it took 2 steak days and a protein day to bring me back on course after I experimented with various approaches (more fat, more cals, less cals, etc). What I arrived at was: (1) eating less fat than I was, (2) less steak (too much meat!), (3) taking digestive enzymes & probiotics [still can't find a "meat version"], and (4) taking a "laxative tea" to stay regular, (5) stopping mayo altogether. ...
  5. P2 - Day 6

    Current Weight: 196.6 lb (P2 starting: 238 lb, LIW: 196.2)

    So far I'm not enjoying P3 very much as I can't seem to get a feel for how I *should* be eating. Yesterday morning I'd gone from 196 to 199, though I actually ate less the day before than the days in which I didn't really gain. Odd. So yesterday was a steak day in which I ate an apple and 445 grams of sirloin steak for tea (which felt really awful!). I also drank 10 oz of Magnesium Citrate to "move things along" ...
  6. P2 - Day 2

    Maintenance: LIW + 1.2 lb

    Yesterday I added beef, bamboo shoots, mayo, beef stock, and cream. Maybe I ate too much for day 1 as I felt full (uncomfortable) most of the day. I'd guess it takes a few days for your body to adjust. Today I'm up 1.2 lb (1.6 lb over yesterday's weight) so I'll basically eat the same as yesterday .. but less of it and see what that does. My energy is coming back up which is nice. I ordered B12 shots yesterday to help me bounce back a bit faster.
  7. Day 36

    On the second day of 500 cals with no HCG before I start P3. Today I maintained my LIW (0.2 lb difference), and am just doing the same routine as I have been. Running yesterday was very hard as I had very little energy, and boxing & running today may be even harder (still, won't know till I give it a go).

    Yesterday I got the first of several/many injections I need for my upcoming trip (Hep-B) - this made me a bit spaced-out, but didn't seem to affect things otherwise.
  8. Day 35

    Yesterday my sub-lingual HCG mixture ran out (I actually managed to tip the vial over when mixing this time and lost some in the process), so today is my first day of no HCG bridging into P3. In 34 days on the VLCD I lost 16.1 kg (~36 lb) and ~7.7% body-fat. I also lost a lot from my waist measurement but apparently I'm not taking that right .. for some reason, to wives (and likely girls everywhere), the waist is not where your belt sits but some point around your belly-button :-) Still, as far ...
  9. Day 32

    (apparently I got the days wrong on the last post)

    As of this morning I've now reached the goal I set for this diet, or rather the weight I said I would be happy to reach (90 kg). So I've lost 16 kg (36 lb) in 32 days on P2 - not bad in such a short period really I look a lot leaner, in my face, neck, waist and butt, and working out so much seems to have helped me maintain a reasonable amount of tissue on my shoulders, arms and torso - much more than I would have expected. Since ...
    Tags: goal weight
  10. Day 31

    Total lost since Monday: 14.7 kg (~33 lb)

    I recently stalled again and drank more water and eliminated my last piece of fruit to start losing again. I tried using steak and eggs on this phase but either stalled or gained introducing either (probably fat content), chicken makes me feel nauseous, so I'm eating veal or turkey.

    Planning for P3, I apparently need at least 2,400 cals BMR and around 2800-2900 for maintenance .. which is a scary amount of food to eat (of fat ...
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