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Losing It!

Day 31

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Total lost since Monday: 14.7 kg (~33 lb)

I recently stalled again and drank more water and eliminated my last piece of fruit to start losing again. I tried using steak and eggs on this phase but either stalled or gained introducing either (probably fat content), chicken makes me feel nauseous, so I'm eating veal or turkey.

Planning for P3, I apparently need at least 2,400 cals BMR and around 2800-2900 for maintenance .. which is a scary amount of food to eat (of fat ..). Still, it's something new I suppose. I'm noticing my muscles cramp more than they used to on this diet .. annoying / painful spasms and contractions. Not sure why this would be, not a big deal though. Am taking 1 multi-vitamin each day (in spite of the off-protocol fillers in it), and .5-1 g vitamin C with a calcium/vit-d supplement also. I was getting tired and run down, but taking vitamins and drinking more water seems to have picked me up again.

Bad habits / cheats:
1) small amounts of sugar sneak in when I experiment with sauces (mustard, etc)
2) sports supplements (jack3d, havoc) elevate bp too high if I overdo (havoc seemed to cause retention so stopped)
3) still smoking in evenings
4) using normal toothpaste, alcohol mouth-wash, floss (contains small sugars and alcohol bases)

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