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Hello 150s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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R2P2D12VLCD (-6.4 lbs total)

TOM over and down .6 this morning to bring me to 159.4 lbs!!! I am finally in the 150s! Now that TOM is gone hoping to have some larger loses. I have been losing at a much slower rate this second round and feeling a little frustrated. I know that slower losses the second round is normal but I am impatient. Still 3 lbs per week (been on R2 for 2 weeks) is nothing to sneeze at when other wise my weight would still be the same killing myself dieting and exercising at the gym everyday.

Speaking of the gym. Went today and did 30 mins on TM and lifted low weight high reps for 1 hour full body workout. I was tired when I got there and now full of energy again! I am noticing my arms and butt are looking smaller. I have to keep looking for the positive. So even though the scale isn't moving much I am seeing results.

Anyway if anyone reads this some encouragment would be welcome. Love ya'll and have a wonder HCG Day!!

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  1. RebJam's Avatar
    Congrats...i'm looking forward to the 160s!--hopefully within 9-10 days...