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Water, water, water

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Weigh in this moring was a stall.

I didn't get enough water yesterday and I didn't walk the pooches. Instead I did a hike with my girls during the day and went to the mall last night. I drank some diet soda while they ate In and Out which I am certain added to it. Not really worried about it because my losses so far have been great. The scale should show some love tomorrow.

Today yard work, walking the pooches and possibly a movie with my girls (NO DIET SODA!).

Have a great day bloggers.

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    I need to be out doing yard work, but here in Ky it is so damp and cool today. Hope you all have great weather today. Kids home on spring break? Stalls will break at some point, hang in there.
  2. RebJam's Avatar
    I decided a decade ago diet soda is just nasty. I have one every once in a great while but usually can't finish a whole can. two sips. done. now diet soda is just super nasty--i have to be desperately thirsty to drink it!
    Mom thinks my fizzy water is dull but I dig it...add fresh lemon or lime...yum.
  3. trwiles's Avatar
    Just got back from the gym. I thought why not? There was another gal on this board that went to the gym and lifted but didn't do much cardio all the way through and she looks fabulous! MY HERO. So we will see if that helps with the stall. Starving right now but I can ignore it. I have yard work today too Dubbles!!!! Then taking the kids (yes they are on Spring Break) to lunch at our new Subway that opened and possibly movie tonight. Have a great day guys. Good luck at the gym sis!! Let me know how it works for you.