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Yes finally!

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I broke my stall this morning!!!! I am so happy! I have been at a small stand still for the last few day. I went down -.2 yesterday and down again today -1.8 lbs! Thats 2 lbs in two days! I realize that is not a huge number but I will take what I can get. I am a few days from TOM so any movement on the scale is very welcome. So this mornings number is 160.6 lbs. (.6 lbs away from the 150s!!!!!!!!) This gives me so much more incentive to soldier on.
Funny thing is I was going to do an apple day yesterday. Had I done one I would have thought is was the apple day that worked. So now I don't know what to think of the apple day. I am glad I just stuck it out on my own.


Happy blogging!

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  1. roche061's Avatar
    Hopefully TOM won't hurt you. I was able to lose decently while on TOM, I hope the same goes for ou!
  2. Bella115's Avatar
    Way to go Trwiles! You are doing great! You have had some great weight loss overall! I'm hoping I have the same results as you have had.
  3. RebJam's Avatar
    Did you do anything in particular to overcome the stall?
  4. trwiles's Avatar
    No. Nothing in particular to break stall. Just have to wait them out. Down to 160# today. Started TOM yesterday so that helped. Peeing a lot today. Praying to God that I will have broken the 150s tomorrow morning. Second round is MUCH slower progress than first round. But first round I waited until TOM was over to start. This time I started second round just before TOM so I am certain that had a lot to do with it. Wish me luck for the morning. I am chopping at the bit. Sticking with it though. I can do this.