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Forget About It.

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This round I have decided to forgo any attempt at making substitute deserts or drinks with flavor. On my first round thru the holidays I tried all the recipes, cocoa crack, mug cake, apple pie. I tried flavored stevia and lemon and lime juice with stevia in my water. And I made unsweetened tea with stevia. I just can't stand stevia and nothing I tried tasted good at all. I wasted more time and money on things made with stevia to quench my cravings for sweets and ended up pouring it all down the drain or throwing it in the trash. I loved Truvia in my tea or with fage mixed with strawberries, but after using it for a couple of days, I realized it was the cause of my stall so that was a week of hcg and time wasted. For me, it is just better to forget about it and accept the fact that P2 means no sweet treats at all and straight water for 6 weeks. Once I accepted that fact and moved past it, this protocol has gone much more smoothly for me.

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  1. tryn2getfit's Avatar
    Desserts not deserts, even though I think I would prefer eating sand over eating anything with stevia lol.