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Reliable and ADC No Longer Selling hcg?

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hcg is nowhere to be found on either site. Anyone know what is going on?

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  1. mofrodabetta's Avatar
    Are you sure because I ordered it a couple of days ago from all day chemist
  2. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Whoo . . Almost had heart failure for a minute there . . . . checking the site now . .

    You are right . . . nothing from either of the sites . . . What is going on?
    Updated February 24th, 2012 at 12:16 PM by HealthierMel
  3. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Yep . . No more hcg coming out of India and all those suppliers here who used them as their suppliers will not have anymore to sell after this I suppose. Things just got wayyy serious . . . Now have to look into options. I guess I have to look into pellets or drops soon . . . or worse . . go to the Doctor's for a prescription then pay thru the nose for it . . . WOW!!
  4. tryn2getfit's Avatar
    It has been banned in India. This sucks so much. Now all the places that buy it thru them are going to really price gouge us on what they have left. I know Corion is made in Switzerland. I wonder if there is a way to buy it direct from them.
  5. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Had my stock stored in my closet . . . just went and stuck them in the fridge . . . I am taking no chances here . . .