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Water Games

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I have always had a hard time drinking my water, but I have found a couple ways to get it down painlessly. I make a game out of drinking my water, one bottle at a time. I make sure to always have a bottle with me. In the morning I drink a bottle before I allow myself to eat. When I take my kids to school I give myself the car ride to school and back to drink one bottle. I do the same when I go to pick them up. When I go to the store or the mall, I carry a bottle with me because I know I will drink it without thought, as I shop. And I finish it pretty fast just so I won't have to carry the bottle around. And at night, I drink some before dinner so I will feel more full with dinner. And I drink the rest after dinner to keep me full until bedtime. I try to drink it early enough that I won't have to keep getting up after I go to bed to run to the bathroom. I find that the more I drink when I am doing other things, like driving or shopping, the less I notice it, and the easier it is.

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  1. Faithful's Avatar
    I bought a pretty pink 20oz cup with a lid and straw. While I am reading, on the computer, or watching a movie, I stick the straw in my mouth and continually take tiny little sips. Before I know it the glass is empty!
  2. JohannaNevarez's Avatar
    I think drinking it in bottles are also a big help! I don't feel overwhelmed! I drink it quicker too