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A second Quest – VLCD4 results

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Well I stuck to protocol yesterday with the exception of Miracle Noodles and I will be honest it was a challenging day. But first, let’s get to my results

Results – I released another .8 pounds, putting my losses at 3.8 pre-load and 6.2 post load weight. I am very happy. I focused really hard to stay clean yesterday.

Eating – Pretty clean day of eating and I dropped one of my fruits. Here is a summary of my day:

1T apple cider vinegar in water

100g extra lean ground beef made into meatballs with various spices
Large handfull grape tomatoes pureed into a sauce with spices, piece of onion and celery
1pks Miracle Noodles

130g chicken breast – ground up in my processor with ginger, garlic and spices
2c cabbage
Above were sautéed together

Apple with cinnamon

I reduced the sodium and drank close to 2 gallons of water.

Steps – whoa I didn’t come close to getting my 10,000 steps in. I think Day 4 I was starting to feel the effects of the detox and had a slight headache and slept horribly. I will try harder the rest of the week.

Random thoughts – I think foregoing one fruit when losses are not what you want is something worth trying. I am weak after 4 days on the diet and not sleeping the best. I am trying to adjust my drop dosage. I really wish I could be on the RX version but in Canada my options are limited. I am going to ask my doctor about it though when I have my annual check-up. I only have 19 days left until Vegas….I CAN DO THIS!

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  1. Katdav's Avatar
    Tamara, I see alot of people do the apple cider vinegar. What is this for??

  2. prdreams@aol.com's Avatar
    Hi Tamara...you are doing great! Believe me you are on the right drops. What other diet allows you to drop this much weight in such short periods of time. 19 days will fly by!!! Are you taking your measurements? I also want to know about the water and vinegar...what is that for? I got my triumph drops and started taking those and realized that on the fourth and fifth days of my dieting I had a terrible headache and then when I read your blog about detoxing I was like....duh!!!! Thank you for that. And that only reinforces that it is working! Also don't worry about not completing your 10,000 steps a day. you will be back at doing those in time, just do what your body lets you do. You are doing great!!!! Keep up the good work
  3. ttaylor001's Avatar
    Hi Ladies, thanks for your comments.

    Supposedly apple cider vinegar helps stablize blood sugar levels, helps increase metabolism, regulates the body's ph and encourages the buring of fat. Now there is lots of info out there, but I figure it cannot hurt. I take 1T with a large glass of water as it is supposedly hard on tooth enamel.

    Dreams - I feel so much better today as I took some melatonin to sleep last night and don't feel quite so "detoxy" today. Your losses are great, keep it up!