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A second Quest - VLCD5 complete

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Well tough start to yesterday. I woke up feeling weak. I decided to add a breakfast to my routine. I also took two melatonin before I went to bed and had a much better sleep. I feel MUCH better today and will stick to the protocol. Yesterday I ended up eating 730 calories. Despite that I had a loss but I know I need to eat according to protocol to have better losses.

Results – I released .4 pounds on what was a tough day. As I said I felt off all day so I am very happy with this result as I went off protocol with the greek yogurt. I am down 4.2 pounds in 5 days – hoping to lose another 9-15 before I am done this round, which I think will be extended beyond my initial thought of 26 days.

Food – This is what I ate yesterday and still recorded a loss:

.5c blueberries
.5c greek nonfat yogurt

3c cabbage fried with
130g chicken
Ginger and spices

120g x lean ground beef made into meatballs with spices
1 pkg Miracle noodles
Tomatoes crushed and made into a sauce with spices

1 apple
5 Mary’s gluten free organic crackers
1 T apple cider vinegar in water

Clearly I was not strict protocol but do I ever feel better today!

7248 steps – Well I am finding, for me, 10,000 steps clearly not achievable everyday but am happy with over 7,000.

Supplements – I took 2 melatonin to help me sleep, they seemed to work pretty well and didn’t seem to impede my weight loss. I also take everyday – liquid b vitamins and a multi-vitamin.

Random thoughts – I’ve changed my dosage again as I was not well yesterday. I had decreased it the day before, so I increased it a tad. Feel better so far this morning. I am hoping to try the greek yogurt again, it is nice to have breakfast. This morning I had my apple with 2T oats cooked together in the microwave. I won’t have my melba and I will see tomorrow how the oats treat me. I get on the scale every morning in trepidation as I know eventually the losses are going to stall and I do not want to see that happen but yet I know it will. It is those days that are hard to keep going but I continue to visualize myself skinny.
I am noticing that I am cold very often, especially home at night and it has been above 0 here lately in Ottawa. I had to have a hot bath the last two nights just to warm up. I think this is one of the effects of the diet, I seem to remember this from last time.

Until tomorrow….

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  1. prdreams@aol.com's Avatar
    ttaylor don't you worry, you will reach your goal. I LOVE miracle noodles Today I made the most delicious Pho soup with the noodles. It tasted just like being in a Pho shop!!! I bought miracle noodles in rice form and I am looking forward to making chicken curry with "rice" and sometime soon. May I ask why you drink apple cider vinegar and water?