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A second Quest - VLCD6 complete

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Wow, I felt so much better today than yesterday. Rough day in that I was headachy and weak yesterday. I guess it was the body detoxing finally. I hadn’t had any symptoms the first four days. I did wake up hungry again though today.

Results – I only released .2 pounds. I know the reasons why:
1) water – I didn’t drink water until 6pm
2) apple at 9pm – probably too late
3) Treadmill for 30 mins at 8pm – likely not having drank enough water all day, my body held on to the water, probably made worse by exercising
4) Cauliflower? Not sure but won’t repeat it
5) Oats? I am doubtful, I really think it was the first 3 above.

I fully expect to make up for the losses on Day 7 as I think the lack of water was the true culprit.

Food – pretty good day:

2T rolled oats
Sliced apple
Cinnamon & stevia
I cooked the above in the microwave with a little added water. Oats are not on protocol everyone so don’t do as I do.

Cod baked
Cabbage steamed

Chicken breast

Apple with cinnamon

Note that I won’t be having cauliflower again, I didn’t find it satisfying and since it isn’t on protocol, don’t feel it is worth it. I will on very hard days or when I wake up hungry have the oats again unless I really find they are the cause of a stall. I didn’t have my melba.

10,252 Steps – Well I got my steps in and felt good. 30 minutes on the Treadmill while watching Downton Abbey flew by.

Random Thoughts – Reading other people’s progress and successes is very motivating to me. Knowing that if someone else can be successful then so can I!
I am going to start bringing 1L of water to work with me so that I have it handy in case I get busy and don’t make it to the kitchen at work to fill up my bottle. I KNOW that not having enough water yesterday caused the low loss.
I have had a BM two days in a row. I contribute it to the cabbage. I likely eat about 1c more than protocol but it is working. I also forgot to mention that I added one teaspoon of chia to my greek yogurt the other morning. I might try that again….depends if I stall.
My energy has returned, I had a rough couple of days that I deem to be detox related. I feel good and don’t feel that I need any extras, like yogurt or oats…at least not today!


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