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A second Quest - VLCW1 COMPLETE

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Disappointment when I woke up and weighed myself today.

Results – I only released .2 pounds again.

Total week 1 loss (not-including load weight lost) -4.6 pounds and 3 inches. This is not what I was hoping for after a week. I will stick to protocol on week 2 and see if those little cheats were making a difference.

Food – pretty good day:

Sliced apple
Cinnamon & stevia
I cooked the above in the microwave with a little added water.

Miracle Noodles



7,800 Steps – I didn’t feel the need to force 10,000 steps today, but will aim for that tomorrow.

Random Thoughts – I WILL NOT be discouraged by slow weight loss. I am over 4 pounds less than I was so that is a win.

I started including my green coffee extract pills as the Triumph drops recommend this. I will see if this helps in week 2. So now my supplements are: liquid B vitamins, green coffee pills and a mulit-vitamin.

I felt really great on day 7, I have lots of energy and not finding the diet so hard right now…that may change if I remain in a stall but things are good. Only 15 more days until Vegas, so really hoping for an additional 10 pound loss before then….might be unrealistic but I am having a planned interruption and will resume phase 2 upon my return.

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  1. AimMee's Avatar
    How are you doing now? Good, hopefully. 4.6lbs in a week is not shabby - women typically average .5 per day, so you're above that!

    It might help to take out the things that aren't allowed on the protocol, like miracle noodles and raspberries. Good luck!