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  1. Realization

    Obesity is a disease. Just b/c I lost doesn't mean my fight is over. So had a realization yesterday. I have this huge overwhelming fear that I will gain the weight back. Sooooooo many do. And I am missing junk. My dh is a huge snacker, chips, junky cereal (when I go through the grocery line I always think ppl think I'm buy the junk for my kids, but the fruit and veggies are for them, the junk is for dh), but sitting around at night I want junk, it goes through my mind. Maybe p4 when I can ...
  2. R5p2 food diary

    5/17 load 133.2 start wt

    5/18/ load 134.4(+1.2)

    5/19/ vlcd1 137.4(+4.2 total load wt) bm 4 p.m.- ate apple 5 p.m.- 2 eggs+2 egg whites hot sauce (still on cleanse)

    5/20 vlcd2 136.4(-1) bm 9 a.m.- 1/2 apple w/ cinnamon 12p.m.- chicken& asperagus 1p.m. chai mate tea 3p.m-1/2 apple 5p.m.- ground beef and spinach green tea, chia mate, sleepy time tea

    5/21 vlcd3 132.4(-4) bm 9a.m- 1/2 apple. 1p.m.- ...

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  3. Why

    So vlcd 2 of R4 and I had a .2 gain. Last round went so slowly it was painful. My belly feels chubby again, and I want this weight gone once and for all. When I firsrt started I set my goal at the high end of my weight range. Then when it came off relatively easy I set it lower and lower. Now I feel like hcg teased me into thinking I could get down to my real in my head goal and now it won't let me. Don't get me wrong, I wholeheartedly believe that hcg works for everyone but me. Hopefully ...