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R5p2 food diary

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5/17 load 133.2 start wt

5/18/ load 134.4(+1.2)

5/19/ vlcd1 137.4(+4.2 total load wt) bm 4 p.m.- ate apple 5 p.m.- 2 eggs+2 egg whites hot sauce (still on cleanse)

5/20 vlcd2 136.4(-1) bm 9 a.m.- 1/2 apple w/ cinnamon 12p.m.- chicken& asperagus 1p.m. chai mate tea 3p.m-1/2 apple 5p.m.- ground beef and spinach green tea, chia mate, sleepy time tea

5/21 vlcd3 132.4(-4) bm 9a.m- 1/2 apple. 1p.m.- cottage cheese 4 strawberries 3p.m. 1/2 apple 5p.m. tilapia and asperagus green tea, chia mate, sleepy time tea

5/22 vlcd4 134.6(+2.2) NO BM 10am-1egg+2egg whts w/ franks ht sauce, 3pm-apple, 4:45pm-sirloin tip roast, a few slices of onions 9:30pm 4strwbrs in slushy. green tea, chia mate, sleepy time tea dandelion tea

5/23 vlcd5 131.6(-3)bm 9:30am-apple until 5pm- 7 oz of roast eaten through the day 4pm strawberry slushy (strwbrs and water) green tea, chia mate, sleepy time tea

5/24 vlcd6 130.8 (-.8)no bm 11:30am apple 3:15pm 8 oz of fajita meat 4pm tall sugarfreelatte, square of dark chocolate

5/25 vlcd7 131 (+.2)no bm 9am apple 12:30 roast 5pm 7 oz 2% fage w/ 3 little strawberries 5:15pm 7 little frozen strawberries made to a slushy.

5/26 vlcd8 131.8(+.8) bm 1pm roast 6pm roast chai yerba mate, green tea, coffee

5/27 vlcd9 129(-2.8) coffee yerba mate,green tea, constant comment tea 10am roast 6pm roast 7pmish double strawberry slushy

5/28 vlcd10 129.2(+.2) coffee, 2pm apple 3:20pm ribey w/ fat trimmed 7.5oz

5/29vlcd11 127.6 (-1.6) coffee 12p.m roast 4:45pm roast again(just one more day of it)

5/30vlcd12 126.6 (-1) coffee 12pm roast 4pm dates and marscapone,

5/31vlcd13 126.6(O) coffee 4:30pm 7.5oz top sirloin steak forgot to eat apple

6/1 vlcd14 126.4 (-.2) coffee 4:45pm a little roast and meat from a Rosa's fajita 1apple

6/2 vlcd15 126.2 (-.2) 12:30pm 3.5 oz top sirloin 4:45pm top sirloin

6/3 vlcd16 125.6 (-.6) bm coffee 93%lean ground beef in 3 meals from 12:45-5:30pm

6/4 vlcd 17 126.2 (+.6) bm 1pm apple chips, 2pm pink lady apple, 3pm 7.8oz ribeye steak

6/5 vlcd 18 124.6 (-1.6) 93% GB apple
6/6 vlcd 19 124 (-.6) 93% GB 2 meals
6/7 vlcd20 123.6 (-.4) Roast 1 meal apple
6/8 vlcd21 123.2 (-.4) apple chicken fajitas 1 meal apple espresso (forgot to ask for sugar free) vanilla flavoring apple chips, strawberry slushy
6/9 vlcd22 123.4 (+.2) apple ribeye
6/10 vlcd23 122.8 (-.6) roast w/ garlic and franks sauce in 3 meals

6/21/vlcd25 127 Rosa's fajita meat 8oz, 2 apples, coffee w/ a little cream
6/22/vlcd 26 127.8(+.8) 8oz top sirloin steak spread through the day tons of water green tea and coffee
6/23/ vlcd27 125.6(-2.2) coffee almost 9 oz of top round toast in 3 meals tons of water
6/24 vlcd28 125 (-.6) coffee w/ 2.5 T half and half, 17.6oz 0 fage, coffee w/ 3 T cream, 10 strwbry slushy
6/25 vlcd29 124(-1) coffee w/ 2 T half and half, 8 oz roast in 3 meals, 15 strwbrry in two slushies, coffee w/ 1T half and half. starving
6/26 vlcd 30 123.6(-.4) half and half in coffee, ribey, apple, strawberry slushy. upped cals feeling faint and hungry
6/27vlcd31LDW 123.2(-.2)8 oz roastw/ onions , half and half in coffee, strawberry slushy, 2 dates
6/28vlcd32 124.4(+1.2) totally bloated. half and half and espresso, dates, 2 eggs, 8 oz top sirloin, strawberry slushy, upping cals on purpose.

R5 Wk 1 w/ loading wt -5.8 -1.6 from start wt
Wk 2 -4.2
Wk 3 -2.6
Wk4 -1.6 partial week, planned interruption
LDW 123.2 P3D1 124.4

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