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Obesity is a disease. Just b/c I lost doesn't mean my fight is over. So had a realization yesterday. I have this huge overwhelming fear that I will gain the weight back. Sooooooo many do. And I am missing junk. My dh is a huge snacker, chips, junky cereal (when I go through the grocery line I always think ppl think I'm buy the junk for my kids, but the fruit and veggies are for them, the junk is for dh), but sitting around at night I want junk, it goes through my mind. Maybe p4 when I can have it I will chose not to, like I have in past p4's, sometimes I'm like that, it is the idea of CAN'T.

So Here is my mental plan, a year. I will plan on a year from losing the wt of being on a diet, still considering p4 a diet, just an easier phase of the diet. I can do anything for a year right. I know, I know this is a life long process, but if I can keep the focus for a year, hopefully the habits will have set in, and the body will have set to this weight. Maybe I'll look at it kind of like terminal illness- p2 is like aggressive treatment, then p3 you recover from the treatment. At a year disease free, you celebrate being disease free. And then at 5 years you feel like you can breath a sigh of relief you are officially disease free, but it doesn't mean you stop being aware of it. I think that I am going to have to do this in order to keep control but not feel deprived. It is health that I'm trying to achieve, health in the long run.

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  1. shadowcat410's Avatar
    I love this entry. So true and I completely relate. (sorry it's late I just now saw this)

    Also, looking into the Dukan Diet for lifelong maintainence ideas. Thank you.