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Phase 2

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Hey Guys!!! First day on the 500 cal diet. I have taken my drops and grean tea. Will drink 4 bottles of water to start and go shopping for my meal plan for the rest of the week and next. I need some recipes for shrimp, crab, and lobster. Oh and can we use organc chicken broth with light sodium? I have these sublingual B-12 tabs what's the best way to incorperate them in my schedule? Should I take them before or after the drops and how many should I take? Here is my schedule tell me what u think.

6am 10 drops Green tea and 4 bottles of water till
12pm 10 drops and 3 bottles of water and lunch till 20mns on the treadmill
7pm 10 drops 4 bottles of water green tea dinner 1hr on the bike and 20mins light wieghts

U guys give so much support Im glad that I chose this forum cuz getting support from my hubby is out the window. But my kids are 100% with me. He suggestes I stick with the exercses. Im proving him wrong in 3 weeks..lol

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